Week 7 and Assessment

Some final thoughts… I think that it goes without saying that Melissa and I very much enjoyed working on this project. As I mentioned before it does add another whole element to teaching when you are able to incorporate art and technology into an academic subject. And that is just for the teacher. For the … Continue reading

Week 6

While Melissa began to plug my informal lesson plan information into a formal lesson plan format that included the SOL standards, I focused on the Earth Science and Geometry part of the lesson plans and creating the resource materials needed to get David and his classmates through Second Life. I first found an appropriate world … Continue reading

Week 5

After looking over the frameworks I first pulled out the themes, concepts, ideas that seemed to cross over all four subject areas and could be incorporated into our Ancient Roman and Julius Caesar overarching theme. This next part was definitely the most fun for me. I have always enjoyed being a teaching artist because part … Continue reading

Week 4

Hi Matina, It was good meeting you this week. Thank you for showing me how to work Second Life. Attached you’ll find the English and Ancient History framworks/maps. I’ll have the Earth Science and Geometry ones for you tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a good weekend, Melissa English 10 map … Continue reading

Week 3

For the 4th of July holiday I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Virginia to visit my family and actually to meet with Melissa and her professor in person at a Starbucks near her university. It was great to finally meet Melissa face to face as we had mostly been communicating through … Continue reading

Week 2

Outline Grade_10_Master Curriculum Next I created a formal outline for this project and what we hoped to accomplish. One thing that I have noticed and I think is worth mentioning is how very often we create these great plans, whether they be lesson plans, curriculum, outlines, etc. and how often when we get to the … Continue reading

Week 1

So Melissa and I began discussing educational online programs that were being used to teach students and what might be appropriate options for this project. We exchanged emails with ideas both of our own and that other teachers had passed on to us. Below is a list of programs that Melissa and her professors compiled: … Continue reading


Introduction Hi:) I’m Matina and I am going to be blogging for Melissa and I’s Virtual Learning Environment project which you can read more about on our “About” page. I am going to take you through the building process for part one of our project. The other parts of this project will continue into the … Continue reading